mark goggin
mark goggin



Mark Goggin started his mold making career at a small machine shop while he was in high school at General Amherst in Amherstburg, Ontario. He still vividly remembers his first teacher, Mr. Si Gignac, who he describes as ‘a very stern yet highly effective teacher’. Mr. Gignac saw a natural talent in mold making within Mark, and it was during this class that he knew that mold making was his calling. Mark graduated from Mr. Gignac’s class in 1980 as one of the top graduating students in his group and was quickly recruited by Active Mold's owner Dino Simone to start in the Mold Making Apprenticeship Program.

Cleaning toilets and sweeping floors was Mark’s first assignment, seven days a week.  With his tenacity and work ethic, Dino directly mentored Mark during his 15-year career at Active, working his way up from a Mold Making Apprentice, Mold Maker, Mold Making Leader, Assistant Foreman, Assistant Manager and then General Manager.  However, Mark’s goal to have his own shop would eventually lead him down a new path. With Dino’s blessing, Mark left his well-established career at Active Mold to start a small shop in Windsor.

mark goggin

On May 9th, 1994, after Mark remortgaged his home, Concours Mold was opened on St. Etienne Drive in Windsor in a 4,000-square foot facility and a few pieces of equipment. With the daunting task of generating $7,000 of revenue per week to meet costs, Mark and his business partner worked tirelessly towards his goal of building the best tool shop in the world. Within just a few months, Huong Pham joined as employee number three and the company continued to grow.

Today, the Concours Mold Group of Companies has established itself as North America’s premier Mold Making company with over 400 employees from across the globe. With Mark’s core belief that the backbone and success of the group comes from the diversity and vast cultural differences its employees bring.  

‘Our team not only welcomes all nationalities, races, faiths and genders but we encourage it with respect, dignity and love.  My deepest and heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported me through this incredible journey; I am certain that Concours Mold will continue to lead and grow globally’.

Mark Goggin